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node-rapids is a collection of Node.js native addons for the NVIDIA RAPIDS suite of GPU-accelerated data-science and ETL libraries on Linux and WSL2.

node-rapids includes limited bindings to other necessary native APIs:

node-rapids uses the ABI-stable N-API via node-addon-api, so the libraries work in node and Electron without recompiling.

See the API docs for detailed information about each module.

Getting started

Due to native dependency distribution complexity, pre-packaged builds of the node-rapids modules are presently only available via our public docker images. See USAGE.md for more details.

Getting involved

See DEVELOP.md for details on setting up a local dev environment and building the code.

We want your input! Join us in the #node-rapids channel in the RAPIDS-GoAI Slack workspace.

Tracking Progress

You can review BINDINGS.md to see which bindings have been completed for each of the RAPIDS libraries.


Check out our demos to see various visualization and compute capabilities:

Check out our Jupyter Lab Notebook Demos to see how to use Node.js for GPU accelerated data science.


This work is licensed under the Apache-2.0 license.